1. All state boating laws must be followed. Anyone ticketed for boating or Fish and Wildlife violations will be disqualified. 
  2. Lake specific fish size regulations will be posted on individual tournament pages. 
  3. If a short fish is brought in, this will result in disqualification.
  4. Total weight of 5 fish (largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted Bass and Meanmouth Bass Only). 
  5. When under power (in gear) of main engine you must have your life jacket on, and you must not be fishing. You must also have the kill switch cord attached to you. 
  6. American Baitworks lures only! Limited to BaitFuel, Scum Frog, NetBait, Snag Proof, Freedom  Tackle, and Set The Hook Products 
  7. Landing nets are allowed. 
  8. A fish must be alive and able to swim away on its own to qualify for the Big Bass Prize pool. (Weigh master has final call) 
  9. Only 1 big bass can be weighed, teams MUST have the big bass ready to be weighed first. Only 2 big bass prizes can be won each event. A dead fish cannot be weighed for Big Bass. 
  10. All participants must stay in the boat during tournament hours unless there is an emergency.
  11. You may have no more than five fish in your live well at any time.
  12. There will be a 1-pound penalty for dead fish. 
  13. Boats may be inspected at any time for compliance of regulations by ABW staff during the tournament. 
  14. All anglers are due back at their announced check-in time. Arriving late will result in disqualification.
  15. You cannot transfer your fish to another boat in the event of a breakdown unless the transfer is fully approved by the Director, instructions will be given. 
  16. The use of cell phones is prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification. Allowable exception is a call to the tournament director or emergency services. 
  17. The Weigh Master has total authorization over the entire weigh-in procedure.
  18. You may not come into contact with any other boat. Exception to this rule as defined in the boating regulations is you must assist a boat in distress. If possible, call and inform the tournament director. Lending repair tools or giving water to another team is an exception to assist your fellow anglers. 
  19. No Alcohol, Marijuana, or any non-prescribed medication substances to be consumed before or during ABW events. ZERO TOLERANCE! 100% disqualification and ban from any future events.
  20. After weighing in, fish must be returned to the lake immediately in a pre-determined ABW release location. 
  21. Un-sportsmanship behavior will not be tolerated and will result in immediate disqualification and possible suspension from all other ABW events.
  22. All Protests will have a deposit of $100. Your deposit will be refunded IF the protest is seen in your favor. 
  23. You may compete alone or as a team of 2 anglers per boat. (With the exception of Table Rock * see details on tournament page)
  24. Livewell is mandatory and must comply with the local state Catch and Release Rules. (Coolers as live wells are not permitted) 
  25. Prizes shall be awarded on a pure weight basis, minus penalties. All prizes are awarded as team prizes. 
  26. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be pooled together with the tying position and split equally. 
  27. In the event of bad weather, tournament hours may be altered/canceled/rescheduled.
  28. Anytime during the tournament should you need clarification on a rule, or a special circumstance please feel free to call the acting tournament director see top of page to discuss (if cell service is available). 
  29. The ABW has a ZERO TOLERANCE rule for any form of altercations on site. Please walk away and bring any issues to a staff member to deal with the issue. Failure to do so will lead in automatic disqualification and suspension of ALL teams involved. 
  30. Every competitor MUST sign or complete online a Waiver/registration form to compete in ABW events! Failure to ensure a waiver has been signed releases ABW from any damages, and automatically disqualifies the Team. 
  31. A polygraph may be administered at any time without question. Refusal to take the polygraph will result in Automatic disqualification, loss of entry, and suspension of future events.
  32. All contest/awards/draws are nontransferable and hold no cash value. 
  33. ALL events are fully refundable, or transferable up to 48 hours before each event. Absolutely zero refunds will be given within 48 hours before the start of any event.